Navigating Motherhood and Business with Founder & CEO Mia Plecic

Navigating Motherhood and Business with Founder & CEO Mia Plecic
Dear Diary,
From running a successful business to becoming a Mother, SLICKHAIR’s Founder and CEO Mia Plecic gives us the inside scoop into the life of a Mumtrepenuer.
What has been the most rewarding aspects of becoming a mother?
The most rewarding part of becoming a mother is the profound bond and unconditional love that I have developed with my baby. This bond has created a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose, more so than I could have ever imagined. It’s given me an entire new meaning to life and what is important to me.
What is something you wish you had known before having a baby (that you now know as a new mother)?
The unexpected loneliness of the journey can be surprising. Despite the immense love for the precious bundle you've brought into the world, it's unexpected to experience moments of isolation and solitude. Being at home alone with your baby day in and day out can be a stark contrast to the social and bustling life you were accustomed to.
What challenges have you faced in balancing motherhood and running a successful business?
This has truly been the most challenging part of becoming a mother. Navigating becoming a new Mum whilst trying to keep on top of the day to day stresses of running a fast growing business has been incredibly challenging for me.
How do you incorporate self-care into your busy schedule as a mother and entrepreneur?
I don’t haha. I think as a new Mum, and other Mums can vouch for this, there really is no time in a day for yourself, as much as you try to make some time!
What are your top tips for other working mums?
Prioritise and Delegate: Recognise that you can't do everything, and that's okay. Prioritise tasks based on what's most important and delegate where possible, whether it's at work or at home.
Support Network: Build a support network of friends, family, and other working mums who understand the challenges you face. Lean on them for advice, encouragement, and assistance when needed.
Mia's journey as a new mum and business owner sheds light on the ups and downs of the modern mama hustle. The road may be bumpy, but with some savvy prioritizing, smart delegation, and a strong support crew, we can all find our way. To all our hardworking SLICKHAIR mamas out there, Mia's journey is a reminder of the resilience, love, and fierce determination that defines us all.
Your Slick Sister xx

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